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The Basic Herbal Medicine Cabinet is a basic selection of single herbs & herbal remedies designed to treat common aliments. This is perfect for anyone beginning their herbal remedy medicine chest.

Wooden Display NOT included. Image does not accurately represent this product as the number of bottles doesn't match.

This is the Basic herbal medicine cabinet designed for minimal needs. Check out the Intermediate and Advanced for more complete offerings.



Great for circulation & heart issues. Can be used to stop bleeding. Great for congestion headaches. Use with Heart Support if you have issues with circulation, neorapathy, etc. Can be used in a neti pot for sinus infections.

For immune stimulation in times of exposure to bacteria or virus take one dropperful every hour in juice, water or other beverage.

Use: For prevention of or accelerating recovery from common cold and flu, respiratory infection, throat nose and sinus infection.

Gum Health
Use: Add one to two droppersful to the reservoir water of your dental water pulse, or use in warm water as a mouthwash. Helps fight receding gums, reduces gingival and dental plaque, heals mouth wounds, fights bad breath and tastes great!

Heart Support
Use: For hypertension, hypotension, elevated cholesterol and any other cardiac or circulatory weakness.

Honey ní Propolis Throat Spray
Use: For sore throats, swollen glands, laryngitis, spray to the back of the throat 4-5 times per day. The resinous propolis coats the throat with antibiotic activity for long lasting and soothing relief.

Lung Renewal
Use: Use this blend to strengthen, tone and heal damaged or weakened lung tissue. Especially useful for aid in recovering from smoking, bronchitis, pneumonia and any other pulmonary disorder.

Nettles Decongesting
Use: Prior to and during the allergy season to control hayfever, sinus congestion and allergies. Especially useful when combined with Adrenal Strength Blend or Immune Strength Blend.

Pain Away
Use: To control the pain of tension headaches, nervous headaches, cluster headaches, arthritis, neuralgia, and fibromyalgia.

Relax & De-Stress
Use: For relaxing and strengthening the nervous system while protecting and restoring the heart and adrenals. May be used for depression, anxiety, nervous tension, nervous exhaustion, insomnia, and nerve trauma.

Sleep Right
Use: To promote sleep or to relax nervous tension and muscle spasms throughout the day. Take 1-2 droppersful in water or juice 1/2 hour before bedtime or as needed during the night for insomnia. Reduce dosage for daytime use to 30-60 drops every 3-4 hours.

Cough Calming Syrup
A soothing, expectorating, good tasting syrup designed to calm a cough fast.

Trauma Oil
Suggested Use: Apply liberally to unbroken skin to soothe and speed healing of injured tendons and ligaments, sore muscles, back pain, bruises, sprains, fractures, dislocations and arthritic pain.

Anti-Bacterial Salve
Use: Apply to cuts, scrapes and skin abrasions to soothe and speed healing.