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  • drought-map-072412
    US drought will cause a global food crisis
    By Naomi Spencer 28 July 2012 – Severe drought has spread across the central US further damaging crops and practically guaranteeing a global food crisis. The Midwest, where one-third of the world’s primary grains are produced, is experiencing the deepest … Continue reading
  • Storable Survival Food

    The Survival Food Guys bring you the best tasting, most nutritious, emergency, storable food available today along with effective water purification and sturdy emergency shelters, all at prices you can afford. We will prove our commitment to quality and customer service with every order!


    Food Storage – Emergency Food Supplies
    Make certain that the food you store is adequate for the needs your family anticipates. This is harder to achieve than people think, because most people make a mistake that will come back to haunt them when the food they’ve … Continue reading

    Best quality storable, emergency food supply

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    Featured Products

    Food Storage and Emergency PreparednessFood Storage and Emergency Preparedness: During normal times, food storage for disasters and emergency preparedness is a prudent and responsible thing to do. Our grand-parents could never have imagined being without a minimum six-month supply of food. There are countless historical instances during which food storage has saved lives. It's very likely that you wouldn't be here today without the thoughtful food storage preparations of your ancestors. We all need a dependable source of nutrition to survive, and yet, during these most "interesting" times, the majority of Americans haven't even considered what would happen if the shelves of their local grocery store were suddenly empty. Read more...

    We only use the best raw vegetables to make our food products. Healthy, natural food for daily meals: With today's busy schedules, often there isn't time to prepare a full, healthy dinner for your family or shop at the whole food stores. With our easy to prepare meals your life will be made simpler. Just add water, boil and simmer and in a few minutes you will have a delicious and healthy gourmet style meal ready for your family to enjoy. Our storable food is perfect for daily use or emergency survival food.

    Our food is pervect for camping, hikimg, hunting or recreational vehicles.Perfect for camping, hunting trips or the family recreation vehicle: Are you going camping, hunting or on a family outing in the motorhome? With limited storage space or the need to conserve weight, our products are perfect for you. They are prepared to be very light and stored in small places. Now you can make a homestyle meal at your campfire or in your RV. Hunters will find our food both filling and a convienient alternative to MREs as well as a great addition to your emergency survival kits or gear. With a long shelf life, you never will have to worry about spoilage. You can load up your camper, trailer or motorhome and be ready to go on a moment's notice.

    If you can't get out of your home to buy food, you can order it from us and have it delivered to your home.Home delivery for those who can't get out: Survival food is not just for emergency preparedness. Having a proper food supply is essential for those who are infirmed, disabled, elderly or shut-ins. Our dehydrated food products are perfect for you in these situations. Easy to store and prepare meals can be delivered right to your doorstep anywhere in the country. Simply place your order and your storable food is shipped to you.